The Perks of Being a Bibliophile

I think bookworms get a bad reputation sometimes.

For us, a good day is spent alone curled up with a book. When we’re finished, it’s off to Tumblr to fangirl/fanboy over the book, look up fan art of our favorite characters, and complain about how we must wait two whole years for the next installment. If we are seen outside, it’s usually with a book (which essentially translates as a “do not disturb” sign).

Yeah, I suppose our habits could come off as anti-social.

But we bookworms know the truth: people who don’t read are seriously missing out. Here are a few perks (of many) that come with being a bibliophile. If you’re an avid reader, you probably will agree.

1. Instant passport to a different country (or world. or universe.).

I mean, why go to Mount Everest when you can pick up a book and go there for free? In your mind. In the comfort of your own bed.

And who said Middle-earth doesn’t exist? You can go on adventures with the hobbits just by opening any of Tolkien’s books, and you won’t realize you aren’t there until you close the cover.

Is there a deal-breaker in this? Because I don’t see one.



2. Mad writing skills.

If you’re a good reader, chances are you’re a good writer as well.

Reading better acquaints you with the style and nuances of your language. Writers are communicators, and by reading we learn the art of communication as well.

In most professions today, communication is a vital facet of the workplace. The ability to use concise and intelligent language creates good impressions on employers. Clean writing allows you an aura of professionalism, gives you credibility, and grants you a better chance of landing on a company’s list of considerations.

While some may see writing as a simple task that anyone can do, it is clearly not for the faint of heart.

giphy (7)


3. Stellar vocab.

If you like big books, big words probably aren’t much of a big deal.

Just like writing, having a good vocabulary automatically makes you appear more intelligent—particularly in the professional world. It’s fun to impress people with words such as evanescent, perfidious, prosaic, and surreptitious. I’ll tell you one thing, and it’s that you’re probably not going to learn those words from a TV show.

giphy (5).gif



They say to never judge a book by its cover, but we all do it. Besides, who doesn’t love a smooth, aesthetically-pleasing cover? Half the fun of going to a bookstore is looking at all the beautiful editions, regardless of whether you’re going in to buy or not. Books are a work of art, and their covers proclaim this truth.

giphy (1).gif


5. Knowing random facts like how to murder someone and make it look like a suicide.

You never know when that one piece of information will come in handy *wink wink*.



6. No technology, no problem.

The Internet goes out. Cell phones die. Televisions break. But books remain. We bookworms take advantage of the infinite battery life of the written word. I don’t think any other medium of communication can sell “hours of entertainment” half so well as a good book can.

giphy (2).gif





What is your favorite thing about the bibliophile life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts below.

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