The Blog



When I began working on this site, I had no idea what I wanted to call it. I consider myself creative, but when it comes to picking names I blank.

So I settled on Netanya Writes. It’s not meant to be self-centered, but I truly believe it suits the theme of the blog. I write, the blog features my writing, so why not? The first thing I learned in the writing community is that while the writing life can be lonely, it doesn’t have to be. My goal is to encourage creativity in writers, because we’re all on this journey together.



At the core, everything I post about will relate to writing, as well as:

  • Books
  • Creativity
  • Lifestyle
  • Travel

Since you’re here, I’ll also mention that I write for another amazing blog, Books Rock My World. Check it out here.

Thanks for visiting, and enjoy your stay!


all the best, (1)