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To Write or Not to Write  |  September 2016

To write or not to write: that is the question. 
Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer
One’s own words the disdain of public eye
Or to simply lock away the precious pages, wherein lie
The stories of our laughter, tears—our lives. ‘Tis easier to hide: to withhold;
To bury beneath decaying layers of dilapidated hearts. To be rid
Forever of the dreaded wind Apathy lurking beyond the door,
Ready to pounce upon those courageous enough to divulge
Their hopes and dreams to judging eyes. To hide: to withhold;
To withhold: refuse the earth our greatest joy: ay, there’s the rub:
For denying the one voice by which we can be understood
Is to condemn ourselves to the madness of Tantalus:
Bursting with a passion that will never be quenched. Thus we press on
With the stubborn notion that the words will change lives.
For who would bear the whips and scorns of the masses—
The editor’s wrong, the critic’s contumely—
And pour their very essence into the careful craft of every line
Only to have the harvest of sleepless nights abused
And pressed until its very message has worn thin,
When he himself might end his agony before it begins
And keep his thoughts within? Why should man not
Fear exposing trite and tired thoughts,
Unless the overwhelming desire to enter souls
He has no other means of reaching exceeds
The alarm of baring himself to the world?
Thus earthly charge overcomes sane reluctance
When the writer unravels a frail and humble heart
Upon the page—and bleeds before the world.


1st place in the 2017 Young Poets of Delaware County Poetry Competion

Superior rating in 2017 ACSI regionals

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